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  • I’ve been using Nextcloud for over three years now, and it has become an essential part of my daily routine for managing my files, emails, notes, calendar, and contacts.

    The great thing about Nextcloud is that it’s incredibly versatile. On my Ubuntu setup, I’ve integrated it as a cloud account, while on my MacOS, I’ve installed the client to seamlessly sync a specific folder with my operating system. And of course, I’ve got an Android client for on-the-go access. For managing my notes, the Nextcloud Node Android app has proven to be remarkably simple and intuitive.

    When it comes to syncing my calendars with a remote network in Thunderbird, I found it straightforward. All it takes is using this link: « https://your-server-url/remote.php/dav. » This link handles the addition and synchronization of your contacts and calendar from your Nextcloud effortlessly.

    As for project and task management, I’ve also added the Deck application to my Nextcloud setup, providing me with a Kanban board that’s been a real game-changer in keeping me organized and on top of my projects and tasks.

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