My name is Chokri Khalifa. I have strong knowledge of the PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS and implementing most common design patterns. Also, I have knowledge of CSS3 styling and animating using SASS (COMPASS) to produce a very light css stylesheet.
I have a good experience on Drupal 7, WordPress and PHP frameworks such CakePHP and Laravel. I ❤️ GNU/Linux specially Debian to make your website optimized and running securely.
Since 2009, I was an active member in Ubuntu Tunisia community, Media coordinator on 2012. I participated in many events as former and member in association in Tunisia.

Linux lover

I ❤ Linux and I totally support the GNU Projects. I beleive in Free Software projects.

Web developer

I make websitesn web services and mobile applications. I also make fluid animations and responsive design.

Bot Integration

You have an idea to make a bot talking to your customers? On your website, your facebook page or any channel you want.


With a lot of love I make music, you can hear my compositions on Souncloud and Youtube. Your feedbacks is appreciated.

Contact me!

If you want a website, or IT consuting.

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As a developer I can help your start your project in many domains. As you can see this is all my skills by level. 

Frontend Development 95%
Drupal/Wordpress theming 87%
Node JS / Real Time Applications 77%
Backend Development 70%
Mobile development 66%
Linux Hosting / Embedded linux applications 59%


My brain consider notes as code lines, I can code a music using C language 🙃 I use FL Studio and my guitars to make music.