Chokri Khalifa

My name is Chokri Khalifa, I’m full stuck web developer with experience since 2010.
My passion for technology started at the age of 15 in a computer club.

I discovered the world of open source in 2008 and I become an active member of local communities that support open source software such as Ubuntu, FireFox and Drupal.

My professional career started in 2010 after obtaining my degree in computer science. During these last years I had the opportunity to work on large projects of different technological axes such as Artificial intelligence, image processing, motion detection and Internet of Things … with a classics of the web such as CakePHP frameworks and Drupal.

FOSS Suporter

I ❤ Linux


HTML is the future


I make bots


I make music


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PHP 7, Node JS, CakePHP 3, Symfony 4, Drupal, WordPress 95%
Angular, React, VueJS, Amber JS, ES6, Socket.IO 87%
HA, Nginx, Docker, Jenkins, Clustering 77%
Linux Embarqué, Raspberry PI, GPIO, Python 70%
Montage vidéo, Design, FL Studio, UI/UX 66%


Notes are like codes for me I code my music too