• 15 years of experience with Linux / Ubuntu / Debian
  • 12 years of experience with GIT, Gitlab, and Github
  • 13 years of experience in Web Development (HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript)
  • 7 years of experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • 5 years of experience with GCP / Azure / AWS

Functional Skills

  • Full Stack design and development with React / Python / Node JS
  • Identification and development of code features, build, test & deploy, and product run on AWS
  • IaC deployment based on Terraform templates and modules
  • Management of development, test, and production environments
  • Automation of application deployment, including updates and rollbacks
  • Optimization of AWS resources to maximize efficiency and performance
  • Integration of AWS infrastructure services such as Lambda, S3, RDS, VPC, IAM, etc.
  • Collaboration with teams to resolve production issues.
  • Providing technical architecture strategy and advice for all micro-service deployments
  • Automation of unit and functional tests
  • Leading development and testing teams
  • Coaching and supporting teams
  • Trainer in coding best practices
  • Trainer in open source best practices
  • Innovation, Autonomy, Leadership

Functional Skills

Absolutely, here’s the updated table incorporating the additional categories and technologies:

Cloud/DevOpsCI/CD, AWS CDK, SAM, CloudFormation, EC2 / ELB / RDS, Secrets Manager, KMS, IAM / CloudTrail, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes (AKS), Helm, Debian, Ubuntu, Docker, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, GitLab, Jenkins, Vagrant
Cloud DevelopmentAWS Lambda, API Gateway, SNS/SQS, S3, VPC, EC2, ECS, EKS, CloudFront, CloudWatch
Testing ToolsJest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Cypress, Cucumber, WebdriverIO, BrowserStack
Application ServersNginx, Apache, Tomcat, Wildfly, JBoss
Web DevelopmentReact, Python, Node.js, Express.js, NestJS, Socket.IO, Java Spring, Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Go, Rust, PHP 7/5.6, Drupal 7/8, Symfony 3/4, Composer, Xdebug, PHPUnit, CakePHP
DATA/SOA/DBMSMySQL / MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle 10g, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Couchbase, SOAP, XML, JSON, GraphQL, Swagger
Methods & ToolsAgile (Scrum, Shape Up), Jira, Confluence, Kanban, Git (GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab)
Messaging/MonitoringDatadog, AWS CloudWatch, ELK Stack, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ZMQ
MiddlewareAWS Cognito, Keycloak, WSO2 (API Manager, Identity Server, Enterprise Service Bus)


Nexity, Paris

Tech Lead AWS (July 2021 - January 2023)

Project: GED (Document Management)


  • Contributed to the AWS Cloud architecture for the GED solution
  • Conducted a Serverless POC for the GED (16 TB of PDF) using Node JS and Python to determine the appropriate technology (SAM, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, VPC, Terraform)
  • Mentored a team of C# developers in setting up CI/CD pipelines
  • Created Azure DevOps pipelines to test, build the image, and deploy to EC2/ELB/RDS
  • Developed a PDF optimization and compression solution with a 60% compression rate in Serverless Layer mode with a self-deployment pipeline
  • Set up a React-based Front-end technical base hosted in an S3 with an automated test pipeline
  • Implemented pipelines on AzureDevops and defined a continuous deployment pattern based on EC2, Docker, S3, and Secret Manager
  • Created test, build, and deployment pipelines for Lambda functions and layers
  • Participated in various meetings to define the functional needs of the project
  • Organized architecture workshops focusing on the improvement and security axes of the solution (IAM, WAFF, SSO, IDP)

Technical Environment:

AWS Cloud, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SAM, S3, DynamoDB, VPC, Terraform, AzureDevOps, EC2, ELB, RDS, React, Docker, Node JS, Python, C#, IAM, WAFF, SSO, IDP

CACIB, Paris

Tech Lead / Keycloak Expert (October 2020 - June 2021)



  • Ensured the necessary configurations and corrections for the smooth running of Keycloak.
  • Inspected logs via Kibana and corrected the corresponding bugs (Nginx, ELK, Ansible)
  • Updated the deployment scripts in shell and ansible
  • Set up unit testing and integration testing pipelines for the Security Services micro-service
  • Wrote technical documentation
  • Wrote functional documentation for the CAeCONNECT project
  • Adapted Filebeat and Logstash filters to specific needs
  • Migrated the project from to CACIB’s Gitlab, upgraded Gitlab
  • Migrated npm and docker sources to a private repository (Nexus)
  • Trained the team on Keycloak and good development practices

Technical Environment:

Keycloak, Nginx, Ansible, Shell/Bash, Linux, Gitlab, Gitlab-Ci, Nexus, Jenkins, ELK, TypeScript, Node JS

Malakoff Humanis, Paris

Tech / Lead Node JS/Angular 10 (July 2020 - October 2020)

Project: Micro Service de Gel des Avoirs (Freezing of Assets Micro Service)


  • Developed a business technical architecture strategy
  • Implemented a technical architecture to query an international SOAP service
  • Ensured good IT architecture practices
  • Provided guidelines for the deployment of micro-services in Docker
  • Created Jenkins pipelines for testing and automatic deployment with Docker Swarm
  • Set up a VAULT secret management system to inject sensitive variables into Docker Swarm
  • Updated deployment rules in Docker EE
  • Assisted the MOA in writing technical tasks
  • Ensured good practices, code reviews and tests, for various projects (Angular, Node JS)
  • Published the various micro-services in production under WSO2
  • Participated in the architecture of a Node JS Typescript Kickstarter that includes good practices
  • Ensured the development quality and good practices of Angular projects (frontends)

Technical Environment:

Docker, Jenkins, VAULT, Nginx, Angular, TS Lint, Jest, Cucumber JS, Swagger, Open API, WSO2, SOAP, Postman, TypeScript, Node JS

Quotatis, Paris

Tech Lead (February 2020 - April 2020)

Project: Quotatis Platform v4/RGE Pro Management


  • Provided technical architecture strategy and guidance for all micro-service deployments
  • Administered K8s: DashboarUI & Kibana, Resource Quotas, Namespaces, Users management, Nodes maintenance, Pod Security Policies, Healthchecks, Liveness&readiness probes, secrets, volumes, Helm and terraform
  • Updated a single-partner architecture to a multiple architecture
  • Refactored the existing architecture to acquire new functional needs
  • Maintained continuous testing and deployment pipelines on GCP / Kubernetes (GKS)
  • Conducted technological watch and made proposals
  • Ensured good practices: code review and tests
  • Trained junior back and front developers in PHP and React JS
  • Wrote technical documentation for the various micro-services
  • Participated in Tech-lead meetings to raise the difficulties encountered
  • Researched innovative solutions for the integration of new applications or the creation of new solutions.
  • Updated deployment rules in GCP and reviewed application logs
  • Led « enablers » workshops to have more fluid and faster developments.
  • Assisted the PO in writing technical tasks

Technical Environment:

GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Terraform, Kong, Symfony 4, Api platform, React, Redux/Saga, RabbitMQ

Groupe la Poste, Issy les Moulineaux

Tech Lead Front (February 2019 - January 2020)

Project: Service Postal Mon Compte V3


  • Trained team members on front-end technologies (React)
  • Ensured good practices and optimization of display (responsive, design)
  • Implemented good practices, defined the basic framework and development rules
  • Developed specific and complex parts of the project
  • Set up a micro-service architecture based on Node JS and JAVA (Maven)
  • Set up a front-end technical base for the project (Keycloak theme)
  • Participated in the internal architects’ committee to implement a cohabitation strategy for the two versions V2 and the new V3 of the system.
  • Participated in the development of Java/Maven modules specific to Keycloak.
  • Set up a Maven « profile » to launch unit tests and build the theme jar.
  • Adapted the deployment process with the devops team
  • Ensured code quality through automatic code analysis tools
  • Implemented various tests related to the technology (unit, technical, functional, performance, security) using BrowserStack.
  • Documented and wrote confluence pages on React technology, best practices, operating procedures, monitoring, and project).
  • Participated in log transformation tasks (Logstash, Kafka).
  • Participated in the writing of interface contracts for web services
  • Participated in the writing of JIRA tickets (Grooming)
  • Co-animated daily meetings
  • Interim Scrum Master

Technical Environment:

Kubernetes, Keycloak, React, SASS, Webpack, Jest, Freemarker, Cucumber, BrowserStack, JIRA, Confluence, Spring, Maven, Kafka, LogStash, Filebeat, Open API, OAuth 2.0, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab (CI), GIT, UML