📄 About


My name is Chokri Khalifa, I am the software engineer since 2010. My passion for technology started at the age of 15 in a computer club. In 2000, I started with MatchWare Mediator to make Multimedia applications and contents. After that with Front Page to build static websites. I become an open source contributer in 2008. I was member of local communities such as Ubuntu Tunisia, FireFox Tunisia and Drupal.

My professional career started in 2010 after obtaining my degree in computer science. During these last years I had the opportunity to work on large projects of different technological axes such as Artificial intelligence, image processing, motion detection and Internet of Things with a classics of the web such as CakePHP frameworks and Drupal.
After obtaining my Master degree in Multimedia and web services, I started my company in 2014 and worked with multinational clients.

Today, I am a tech leader of three Agile teams, my role is to Develop teams’ technical skills, to ensure code quality with automated code analysis tools, and implementing of various tests related to technology,