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PHP 7.4: most important RFCs

The release date will be probably in December, 2019. But here is some new features that’ll be available in this version and here is the most important RFC (Request for…

PHP 8: Introducing JIT

Basically, the PHP scripts are compiled into instructions, which are called opcodes that are understandable to the machine. Opcodes are low-level, and hence faster to translate to machine code as…


Learning Japanese: My Tricks Don’t worry, I translated the title! Since many years, I started learning Japanese at school, It was a fail for me because I didn’t practice it…

What’s new with CakePHP 4 ?

If you are familiar with CakePHP 2/3 then you should take a look to CakePHP 4. I used this Framework since 10 years and I’m still  using it till now…