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Gitlab-CI using Panther and Symfony 4

I tried to test my Symfony 4.1 app using gitlab-ci. Basically, when we Test PHP application we require php-cli docker image to execute composer install, phpunit.But in this case I…

Collaboration with Atom Teletype

Origin of the name “Teletype” Collaborating remotely seems painful when it is about coding a script or styling a web page between team members or friend, specially when it should…

Who is using port 3000 ?

You start a Node App and You find that some other app is using 3000 Port ? You are too lazy to update env.PORT in the .env file because you…

Ubuntu 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" est disponible

Nous voilà avec une nouvelle distribution d’Ubuntu avec la le nom Zesty Zapus, son nom a atteint la dernière lettre alphabétique et qui annonce donc la fin d’une ère celle de Unity.…