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Music creator


What is SOAP Api ?

An entreprise that would to connect to other entreprise’s service must know the address of the service and then send a request, the server will take this request and then…

Next GNOME will be 40

GNOME Developers are scheduling to release a 40v version of Gnome. It’s a big jump after v3.8 (37 major releases, but why?) after an interne discussion between core team.

Why is React so popular?

This is not a comparison between Vue, angular and React. This post is according to Indeed.com with over than 60,000 job offers. I’ll talk about why React is the most…

My useful aliases on my .zshrc

I mostly use these commands when I’m working. So for example, to make quickly a new folder, init the git repo and switch to develop branch, monitoring, cleaning, so I…