About Me

My name is Chokri and I am musician and composer.
I started creating music in 2003, with my first computer using Guitar Pro 4. I like writing different styles from Jazz, funk to extreme Death Metal.
In 2006, With my friends, we started our first band called Jahim (Hell) Anarchy, we start playing Death covers from different albums, then I star introduce my own compositions then the first LP was out (Mad Wished)
In 2009, we focused on writing a Death Metal Album but Usama the drummer has quit the band. In 2011, Usama invited me to play Funky music. in 2012, we made our first LP.

In 2013, I was contacted by an Tanit’Art. This association was focusing on promoting Arts. Then, Ye S Sur band was created https://soundcloud.com/yessurband


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Last Events

Ye S Sur
Live band Sousse Theater June 2013
Ye S Sur
Langar Live Session Feb 2014
Tanit'Art Live Event
Associative organisation supporting young musicians